Easy to use, packed with features

Just a few of the features SMDR+ contains

Use of your current MySQL or MSSQL database server

SMDR+ uses the MySQL or MSSQL server you already have running on your network, be it locally on the machine you wish to use or remotely accross your LAN.

Export to detected Microsoft Office and other applications

SMDR+ Reports automatically detects if you have Microsoft Office 2000, 2003 or 2007 installed and allows you to export call data to it for additional analysis. There is also support for OpenOffice.org 2.0 and 3.0 with more applications being added with each update!

Easy to design, custom reports

Report design is a simple as ticking a few boxes. The custom reports interface contains every option available to quickly design reports you need, when you need them.

Automatically fill in area/provider names

SMDR+ Reports will automatically try and retrieve the appropriate area name/provider for the area code found in the report or match to a telecoms operator. (UK only)

Network-capable reporting software

SMDR+ Reports can be run from any workstation that has local network access to the SMDR+ server, allowing key business employees access to call logs when they require it.

Detailed security access

SMDR+ contains a detailed login and access system giving administrators complete control on which functions and data each user can see and use. Users can be grouped as well as being given individual access.

Scheduled Email Reports

SMDR+ can run scheduled reports and place them either as a file in a location of your choice or emailed to you.

Flexible PBX Support

SMDR+ can support a number of different PBX's thanks to it's Custom Mappings feature. This allows practically any telephone system to be used with SMDR+ as the user can match outgoing data into a format SMDR+ recognises.

Listen & 3rd Party Database Collection

SMDR+ supports 'listen' collection of SMDR data, used by Avaya and other PBX systems. Additionally it can connect to a database set on another server (such as an Asterisk PBX) and collect call data from that. Finally SMDR+ can process CSV call logs exported for a variety of other vendors - so many collection options!